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Risks of a Family History of Addiction

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There are well-known risks of a family history of addiction that can make someone more susceptible to addiction and have a stronger reaction to their substance of choice. Their cell structures are altered and have more mu-opioid receptors than those without a family history of addiction. These receptors are responsible for the euphoric effects caused by drugs and alcohol, and more receptors mean they can have stronger reactions and cravings than others. A family therapy program is an integral part of a well-rounded treatment program and can mend broken relationships and help everyone in the family get through recovery.

At Texas Recovery Center, we help men and women and their families who are struggling with addiction to alcohol, cocaine, meth, and other harmful substances. When you arrive at our accredited treatment center, our team will thoroughly assess your physical and mental health to determine the right programs for your unique symptoms. For more information about our family therapy program and how it can benefit your recovery, call 844.230.5931 today to speak with our compassionate staff.

What Are the Risks of a Family History of Addiction?

A person’s family history is integral in determining how susceptible they can be to addiction. When a person uses drugs and alcohol, they affect the delicate chemical balance within their body. It can alter brain structure, stop the natural production of dopamine and other vital endorphins, and can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders.

These changes can become permanent and be passed down to children, making them more inclined to use drugs and alcohol as they age. Especially if they watch their parents drink and have a good time. Young children can build a subconscious desire for drugs and alcohol before they know what it is and the harm it can cause. Reports indicate that children ages 11 to 13 are experimenting with drugs or alcohol for the first time.

Additional risks of a family history of addiction include:

  • A decreased ability to abstain from abusing even after one time
  • They feel the effects of drugs and alcohol more intensely
  • They are at an increased risk of depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders

At Texas Recovery Center, we include parents, siblings, spouses, and children in the recovery process so everyone can begin healing and moving forward. Family members will talk with a therapist about their feelings and any frustrations while learning about addiction and how to create a supportive and stable home environment.

The Benefits of Family Therapy During Addiction Recovery

Learning about the connection between addiction and family history is beneficial in recovery. The more informed you are about the disease and how it affects you and your family, the more likely you will maintain your sobriety and begin leading a healthy and happy life.

Some of the benefits of family therapy during addiction recovery include:

  • Restores broken relationships and trust between family members
  • It helps restore the family structure
  • Involves everyone in the recovery process to promote lifelong sobriety
  • It gives parents and spouses a chance to vent any frustrations or anger over the addiction
  • Teaches family members about the dangers of addiction and the risks of a family history of addiction
  • It helps parents and spouses create a stable and sober home environment that is imperative for reaching their sober goals
  • It can help children better understand what is happening so the use does not impact their development or mental health
  • Teaches individuals about healthy lifestyle choices that can improve everyone’s overall health and well-being

Understanding the relationship between addiction and family history can help explain why someone is more susceptible to addiction than others. The addictive traits they pick up from their parents can cause serious addiction and other mental health disorders if they are not careful about their drinking or drug use.

Find Support with Texas Recovery Center’s Family Therapy Program for Addiction Recovery

At Texas Recovery Center, we support individuals and their families through the complex addiction recovery process. We understand how devastating addiction can be to an individual and their loved ones. It can be very hard watching someone slowly destroy their lives. Patients will work with a certified therapist to uncover the root cause of the addiction while bringing in their family to heal broken relationships and restore the family unit. Take that first step toward a better life by calling 844.230.5931 today to discover all of the benefits of our addiction treatment facility.

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