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First Responders Addiction Treatment Program in Texas

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What one person needs for addiction treatment might be different than what works for someone else. So, a customized treatment program that is specifically designed for people with similar issues is often the best way for them to overcome addiction. For example, at Texas Recovery Center, we provide an array of treatment programs, including first responders addiction treatment program in Texas.

This customized program helps first responders overcome their specific challenges and ultimately gives them the tools to succeed in recovery. Our therapists have the training and experience required to help first responders with the unique challenges they encounter in recovery. Our first responders addiction treatment center in Texas is designed to provide solutions for the struggles first responders face every day, including:

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Addiction Among Firefighters and First Responders

Although research is limited on drug or alcohol addiction among firefighters and first responders, some studies reflect that it is an issue. Typically, alcohol is the substance misused by first responders. However, there is a general relationship between stress, stressful occupations, and other substance use disorders.

Firefighters and law enforcement personnel had the lowest rate of illicit drug use of any group of workers, with only one and a half percent reporting drug use in the past month. But, the US Firefighters Association (USFA) estimates that as many as ten percent of firefighters may be abusing drugs. First responders have a unique perspective on addiction. Their jobs may require them to see the same people who are struggling with addiction over and over and witnessing the effects addiction has on bystanders, such as children and the elderly.

Signs of Addiction and Mental Health Disorders in Firefighters And First Responders

There are various ways to tell if someone is struggling with addiction or mental health disorders. Physical signals and more subtle psychological symptoms may help identify if someone is in trouble.

Possible alcohol and substance use indicators include:

While the first responders are more likely to use alcohol, prescription drug use is also a significant issue among firefighters and first responders. Due to the physical demands of their jobs, it is common for first responders to obtain prescriptions for addictive painkillers. There is also an increased availability for first responders to access medications on the course of their duties or on the scene.

Addiction Therapy Programs at Texas Recovery Center

Our addiction therapy programs help first responders with trauma and mental health disorders that may be causing these heroes to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. Our team works with each of our patients to determine which of our addiction therapy programs would be best for their recovery needs.

Texas Recovery Center provides addiction therapy programs such as:

Begin to Heal with Addiction Treatment for First Responders at Texas Recovery Center

First responders put their lives on the line every day to help and protect the community. So, when these brave men and women struggle with addiction and mental health disorders, we need to help and protect them as well. At Texas Recovery Center, our addiction treatment for first responders in Texas is an environment of support and encouragement. Learn more about our programs and services at Texas Recovery Center by calling 844-230-5931 or reaching out to us online.

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