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The original 12-step therapy in Texas addiction treatment program started with Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith. It was very successful in helping men struggling with alcohol addiction, and the program is still widely in use today. Treatment centers around the U.S. still employ versions of the 12-step program for alcohol addiction and other forms of substance use and other behavioral issues. 

At Texas Recovery Center, we use the 12-step therapy program in Texas to help men and women struggling with alcohol and other forms of addiction. Our therapists will work with you to help you recognize you cannot control your addiction and allow for a higher power to help with your recovery. If you or a friend is struggling with alcohol addiction, call 844-230-5931 today to speak with our staff about our 12-step addiction treatment and other addiction treatment therapy programs.

The Foundations of a 12-Step Therapy Program

The original 12 steps of the 12-step therapy program are from what most members of A.A. call The Big Book. They are as follows:

  1. Admitting that you can no longer control your addiction.
  2. You believe that a higher power can help with your recovery.
  3. You can let go and give in to a higher power.
  4. Take a personal inventory of your life.
  5. Take responsibility for your actions and the wrongdoing of friends and family.
  6. Be willing to accept help in correcting character flaws and shortcomings.
  7. Asking for help in fixing your negative behaviors.
  8. Make a list of your wrongdoings and those you have hurt. 
  9. Contact those people to make amends unless doing so causes more emotional harm.
  10. Continue taking personal stock of your life and admit when you are wrong.
  11. Use prayer and meditation to connect with your higher power.
  12. Help others who are entering 12-step addiction treatment.


Texas Recovery Center’s 12-step therapy program can help your addiction recovery by giving you a greater sense of purpose for maintaining your sobriety. Those who complete the program will often become mentors to others to help them and continually remind them of the good they are doing now that they are sober.

How Can a 12-Step Addiction Treatment in Texas Help?

One of the critical elements of any 12-step addiction treatment program is it gives patients a chance to help others. Patients who go through addiction recovery can often feel lost or without purpose. Their addiction is so strong that they don’t know who they are without alcohol or drugs. A 12-step program encourages members to become mentors to give them a sense of purpose and as a means to continue their own sober journey.

Other ways that 12-step addiction treatment in Texas can help include:

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At Texas Recovery Center, our 12-step addiction treatment can help men and women with their addiction recovery. Upon enrolling in our residential treatment program, therapists and medical staff evaluate your current condition and design the best treatment plan for your addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorders. We offer a variety of treatment programs such as:

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and ready to make a positive change in their lives, call 844-230-5931 today to learn more about our 12-step addiction treatment program. 

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