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Opiate Addiction Treatment in Texas

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Opiate addiction continues to be a problem in the United States despite knowing the full addictive potential of all synthetic and natural opioids. Opiate addiction treatment can help patients who form an addiction through prescription drugs or other opiates like heroin and morphine. Men and women ready to quit but cannot stop on their own can find the help they need through substance abuse treatment programs, including opiate addiction treatment. 

At Texas Recovery Center, we provide help for men and women struggling with opiate addiction at our opiate rehab center in Texas. We use a combination of therapeutic and holistic treatments to help patients heal physically and mentally. If you or a loved one is struggling with opiate addiction, call 844-230-5931 today to better understand the opiate withdrawal timeline and what our opiate addiction treatment program in Texas can offer you.

What Are Opiates?

Opiates are a natural form of opioids that can create a strong addiction to drugs like heroin, hydrocodone, and codeine. The terms opiates and opioids are often interchangeable as opioids can include natural and synthetic versions. However, opiates only refer to natural opioids. Opiates come from the poppy plant papaver somniferum, grown mainly in Afghanistan.

Opiates effectively reduce pain for those who suffer from chronic pain or undergoing surgery. The effectiveness of pain reduction outweighs the risk of addiction for many mentally healthy patients. For those with depression or other mental health issues, the euphoric effect opiates cause can be too powerful to resist. The euphoric feelings that opiates create are temporary, but the symptoms of opiate addiction can last for weeks to several months:

At Texas Recovery Center, our opiate addiction rehab in Texas can help patients get through the debilitating withdrawal symptoms. They can then begin working on their recovery. Our opiate addiction treatment will have you out in the wilderness, bonding with others and improving your mental and physical health through fun wilderness activities and our equine-assisted therapy.

Is It Time to Consider an Opiate Addiction Treatment Program?

Deciding that you or someone you care about needs professional help for opiate addiction can be challenging. However, it is vital to understand that addiction is a severe disorder that requires treatment. The first step in getting help for opiate addiction is admitting that there is a problem and then seeking professional help.

Your needs and goals must be considered when choosing an opiate addiction treatment program. Here are some things to look for when researching opiate addiction treatment programs:

  • Accreditation – Ensure the facility is accredited by The Joint Commission or another nationally recognized organization.
  • Individualized care – Each patient should have an individualized care plan based on their unique needs.
  • Evidence-based treatments – Look for a facility that uses evidence-based treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing.
  • Continuing care – The facility should offer continuing care options like aftercare programs.

To better understand the type of care you will receive while getting the assistance you need, call Texas Recovery Center for a consultation. We can help you understand the admissions process and what you can expect from our opiate addiction treatment program.

Benefits of Enrolling in an Opiate Rehab Center in Texas

When opiate addiction begins to interfere with your work and personal life, it is a sign that you cannot control your actions regarding opiate abuse. Those struggling with opiate addiction are at a higher risk of overdose if they try to quit independently. They may go one or two days without drugs until their cravings become too powerful to resist. 

An opiate addiction treatment program in Texas can be valuable in helping patients maintain their sobriety for life. These are some of the therapy and treatment programs that are a part of our opiate addiction treatment include:

If you’re ready to get help for your opiate addiction, call Texas Recovery Center today for a confidential consultation. Our programs significantly reduce the risk of relapsing by assisting patients to form a better understanding of their feelings and how to cope with them in a healthy manner. 

Seek Support at Texas Recovery Center’s Opiate Rehab Center

At Texas Recovery Center, our opiate addiction rehab in Texas is highly effective in helping patients recover from opiate addiction. We use evidence-backed behavioral therapy, fun group activities, and equine-assisted therapy to offer a wide range of therapeutic techniques. To learn more about our opiate rehab center in Texas, call 844-230-5931 today to speak with our knowledgeable staff about our opiate addiction treatment.

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