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Neurofeedback Therapy in Texas

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Neurofeedback therapy can benefit patients who struggle with addiction and other mental health disorders. It has proven to be very successful in changing thought patterns and helping patients understand how addiction and other mental health disorders affect the brain. When included as part of an addiction treatment therapy program, neurofeedback therapy can significantly reduce a patients’ triggers and cravings for their substance of choice. 

At Texas Recovery Center, our neurofeedback therapy program in Texas can significantly increase our patient’s chances of maintaining their sobriety for life. We employ neurofeedback therapy as part of a well-rounded addiction treatment program. This therapeutic option allows us to treat all aspects of addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorder. Call 844-230-5931 today to learn more about our neurofeedback therapy and how it can give you or a loved one a chance to lead a happy and productive life.

What Is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Neurofeedback therapy or electroencephalogram biofeedback (EEG) allows patients to see their brainwaves as they watch and/or listen to different sounds and images. Patients see their brainwaves in real-time as they work on regulating and controlling their thoughts. 

A therapist will attach sensors to a patient’s head and run a program to test their brainwave reactions to different stimuli. The program will trigger their central nervous system and create specific brainwaves that will display on the monitor in front of the patient. Patients see how new thoughts will affect their brainwaves and begin practicing changing their thought patterns over several sessions.

Neurofeedback for Addiction Treatment

Neurofeedback therapy can help patients who struggle with controlling their cravings. The program focuses directly on the feelings and emotions that trigger your addiction so patients can learn to stop them before they give in to temptations. After a few sessions of neurofeedback therapy, patients will begin to feel the positive effects of therapy, such as:

At Texas Recovery Center, we include neurofeedback for addiction treatment to give patients a better chance at maintaining their sobriety. They get to see in real-time how they can control their brainwaves and stop their negative thoughts and behaviors before they lead to a relapse.

How a Neurofeedback Therapy Program in Texas Can Improve Your Mental Health

Science has improved to the point where we now know that mental health disorders affect different brain waves. An imbalance in certain brain waves links with specific mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and addiction. These imbalances are known to cause significant mental and physical symptoms that will worsen over time:

  • Delta/theta wave imbalance – This imbalance can lead to cognitive impairment, hyperactivity, ADHD, hyper-emotional, or dementia.
  • Alpha wave imbalance – Alpha way imbalance can lead to depression, passive-aggressiveness, irritability, fibromyalgia, or withdrawal behavior.
  • Beta wave imbalance – This imbalance can result in anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, insomnia, panic attacks, and chronic pain.


These are just some of the mental health disorders that neurofeedback therapy in Texas can address. Your unique symptoms and severity of any addiction will determine which therapy options are right for you.

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At Texas Recovery Center, we help men and women struggling with addiction with neurofeedback therapy and other forms of behavioral therapy. Our residential program can help patients break their addiction and work toward understanding what led to their addiction. We offer several beneficial programs to help with all forms of addiction, including:

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and would like more information about neurofeedback therapy, call 844-230-5931 today to speak with one of our friendly staff about our neurofeedback therapy in Texas.

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