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Addiction Wellness Program in Texas

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The consequences of addiction can touch every part of a person’s life. In addition to causing physical and emotional damage, substance use can impact a person’s mental and spiritual well-being. In addition to traditional treatment services, Texas Recovery Center offers a holistic wellness program for addiction in Texas. This form of treatment incorporates meditation, yoga, and therapeutic movement to help patients overcome addiction. Find out more about how an addiction treatment therapy program or a wellness program for addiction in Texas Recovery Center can help you or someone you care about find peace and healing in recovery by calling 844-230-5931 or completing our online form. 

What’s Included in Our Wellness Program for Addiction in Texas?

The term wellness can refer to a range of therapeutic services. Many times, these services focus on the physical aspect of health. While nutrition and exercise are essential facets of healing, the addiction wellness program at Texas Recovery Center goes beyond healing the body. Our treatment services help patients build resilience and develop inner strength.

We offer daily opportunities for patients to practice:

Each of these activities has a physical and mental component, which can help patients develop positive character traits and increase feelings of relaxation.

Yoga for Wellness in Addiction Treatment

Yoga is one of our most effective tools used in our wellness program during addiction treatment. Yoga is a spiritual practice that has been around for thousands of years. Although yoga originated in the Ancient East, people around the world are now engaging in yoga at increasing rates. Through regular yoga practice, participants learn to monitor their breathing and pay attention to their thoughts. This slows down racing thoughts and feelings of anxiety, which can be especially helpful for those in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Even short-term substance use can significantly impact a person’s body and mind. Many times, people feel that their addiction compromised their principles. Yoga is also beneficial for those searching for meaning and identity in recovery.

Mindfulness for Wellness

Mindfulness is the act of observing. This can refer to paying attention to one’s surroundings, including what’s going on both inside and outside their mind and body. Yoga can be a bridge to mindfulness, but a regular mindfulness practice includes many other physical and mental exercises as well.

By teaching patients to observe their thoughts and “be here now,” patients gain insight into the way their mind works. This can help patients identify triggers and unhealthy patterns that may have contributed to their addiction. By practicing mindfulness in any of its forms, patients grow toward positive change in their thought and behavior patterns.

Pain Management for Wellness

Patients who struggle with chronic pain may need additional services to recover from addiction. If they have been using alcohol or drugs to cope with physical discomfort, introducing wellness concepts can equip them with healthier ways to deal with pain. Research has found that engaging in therapeutic movement and spiritual practices can reduce a person’s physical and mental anguish. For this reason, Texas Recovery Center provides a variety of pain-management strategies in our addiction wellness program. These techniques function as an alternative to opioids or other mood-altering pain medications. 

Additional Treatment Services at Texas Recovery Center

In many cases, substances have become the only way for people to manage difficult feelings. Because of this, Texas Recovery Center doesn’t simply remove the coping mechanism of substances. Instead, we replace toxic coping mechanisms with a science-backed wellness approach. Each service we offer is designed to equip patients with the skills they need to recover from addiction.

In addition to the wellness program for addiction, Texas Recovery Center offers other treatment services, including:

Choose a Wellness Program for Addiction in Texas

Our wellness program for addiction in Texas gives people a chance to heal from holistically. If you or a loved one might benefit from this kind of comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, reach out to our Texas Recovery Center team today at 844-230-5931 or connect with us online. 

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