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Ativan Addiction Treatment in Texas

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Ativan is a high-potency benzodiazepine drug with a short half-life. This means that the drug’s effects are felt relatively quickly. These qualities can make Ativan attractive to people who use benzodiazepines and may also increase the risk of addiction. Ativan addiction treatment in Texas is often best treated in a benzo treatment program that includes both detox and rehab. By receiving this integrated care, both the physical and psychological symptoms of Ativan addiction can be treated.

At Texas Recovery Center, our team provides comprehensive Ativan addiction treatment in Texas for people who want to break free from this type of addiction. Our Ativan rehab center in Texas is the perfect environment for healing during recovery. If you or a loved one is interested in our Ativan substance abuse treatment program, contact Texas Recovery Center today by calling 844-230-5931 or filling out our online contact form.

Ativan Use

People commonly use Ativan to relax, relieve tension, or create a sense of calm. Taken in high doses, this medication may also produce a euphoric state or high. Underlying these pleasurable effects, however, are many dangers, including addiction, dangerous withdrawal, and overdose. Misusing a personal prescription or someone else’s to self-medicate anxiety, insomnia, or another health problem is considered use and can lead to addiction. Taking the drug to create a high or pleasurable effect, even if it’s a personal prescription, is also use.

Ativan Addiction Signs and Symptoms

When a person uses Ativan frequently, they will likely develop a tolerance and become dependent on the drug. Side effects of Ativan use may occur when low to moderate doses of this drug are taken.

Some of these effects include:

When higher doses of the drug are used, as is common in patterns of use, a person may develop symptoms such as:

Ativan Withdrawal Timeline

Ativan dependence can occur in as little as one week after a person takes the recommended, prescribed dose of this drug. Taking higher doses may cause dependence more quickly. Once a person is dependent, they will likely experience withdrawal when they quit taking Ativan. Individuals who take large or frequent doses of Ativan or who have used it for an extended period of time may experience symptoms of Ativan withdrawal more severely.

The length of withdrawal can depend on the level of addiction and how slowly a person is weaned off of Ativan. When a person’s dose is tapered, withdrawal from Ativan may take several weeks or less.

When a person quits taking Ativan, they may have discomfort or sickness due to withdrawal, symptoms that could include:

The Texas Recovery Center Ativan Addiction Rehab

Many people begin abusing Ativan as a way of self-medicating co-occurring disorders like anxiety or depression. The best Ativan addiction treatment programs include treatment for mental health symptoms.

At Texas Recovery Center, we offer comprehensive co-occurring disorder addiction treatment. Many of our treatments can be highly beneficial for both addiction and co-occurring disorders. This includes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

These and other therapies teach coping skills that protect and nurture a person’s recovery from both addiction and mental health problems. By treating both the mental health disorder and addiction, a person has a higher chance of obtaining long-term recovery as well.

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Texas Recovery Center has years of experience helping people overcome Ativan use in Texas, and we’re ready to do the same for you or someone you care about. Learn more about our Ativan addiction treatment in Texas today by contacting our team at 844-230-5931 or completing our online form.

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