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Healing the Body in Addiction Recovery

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is an extensive, lifelong journey that doesn’t just center on removing substances from the system – but also building a solid foundation of a healthy lifestyle, and healthy behaviors. If you’ve been in active addiction, you know what drugs and alcohol have done to your body: you can feel it. You may have gained or lost weight, felt more tired or sluggish, lost sleep or slept more. So often we talk about the impact of alcohol and drugs on mental health – but years of heavy drinking, doing cocaine, taking pills or shooting heroin can also take a large toll on your body and physical health. We believe that part of the healing process from addiction involves taking the time to heal your body through nutrition, stretching, and exercising.

How Have Drugs Impacted Your Body?

Various drugs will cause harm to your body in different ways – and abusing substances for a long period of time will leave a mark on your physical health. For example:

  • Heroin–  Can lead to collapsed veins, infections, abscesses, arthritis
  • Meth – Causes lung, liver, and heart problems, dental issues, insomnia
  • Cocaine – Can lead to gastrointestinal problems, difficulty swallowing, nasal passage problems, insomnia
  • Alcohol – Can cause stomach and heart issues, muscle cramps, damage to digestive track, weakened immune, skeletal and muscle systems, pancreatic and liver issues

Holistic Care at Texas Recovery Center: Nutrition

In active addiction, eating is often low on the priority list – and healthy eating, is usually even less important. However, in recovery, nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. [inline_cta_one] At Texas Recovery Center, our clients work with a licensed dietician to develop a tailored plan for nutrition. Dietary plans revolve around the particular needs of people in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Our in-house, executive chef is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Dallas, TX. The program as a whole helps clients to achieve their dietary needs, now that drugs and alcohol are no longer in their system.

Holistic Treatment at Texas Recovery Center: Exercise

Across our 40+ acre country-side outside of the Dallas, TX area, we have plenty of room to incorporate unique forms of physical well-being and fitness. We believe that adding exercise in recovery should start slowly. Walking on our beautiful, peaceful trails is a great place to start. Physical activities around our campus that promote healing for the body include Tai Chi, yoga, and ziplining. We also have a sports court for recreational activities like basketball and volleyball, and a workout facility with cardio equipment and weights.

Benefits of Healing the Body After Addiction

Almost anyone with an addiction or behavioral health issue can benefit from getting help at a program that incorporates holistic addiction practices. The only requirement is a strong desire to get healthy and sober. Mounting evidence points to the idea that nutritional and exercise therapy can significantly help those recovering from addiction. Proper nutrition and physical activity have the potential to boost energy and positivity towards recovery – both physically and mentally. Adequate nutrition helps those recovering by providing nutrients for energy, building and repairing organ tissue, and strengthening the immune system. Because of the damaged caused by years of substance use and use, good nutrition supplies the body with building blocks to lay the foundation to restore the damaged tissues. Proper nutrition can also play an important role in boosting the mood. In addition to nutrition in recovery, exercise also helps to repair the body by encouraging new muscle tissue growth – and improving the body’s overall physiology. In addition to repairing the body, exercising after addiction also helps to restore brains – as it provides a sort of “high” as natural chemicals in the brain are released in healthy amounts. Healing the body is a key factor in a successful recovery. If you’d like to learn more about our Texas drug rehab program, talk to one of our specialists today at 800.729.7138

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