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Are White Claws Addictive

woman drinking an alcoholic beverage and wondering are white claws addictive

Name brands are always looking to diversify the line of products they make available to the public. Diversity can be universally true for all industries, but this diversification seems especially noticeable within the alcohol industry. Most have seen this firsthand as IPAs, ciders, and ready-to-drink canned cocktails have become immensely popular, permeating global markets. Like many trends that take the world by storm, a healthy, more sustainable option is bound to pop up at some point. This is where we see the alcoholic seltzer emerge.

While there are many options to choose from, the alcoholic seltzer surge was fueled primarily by the consumption of White Claws. Toting features that comparably make a White Claw appear as the healthier option, this drink has seemingly cemented itself within the 21st-century alcohol hall of fame. Given its “healthier than” reputation, people have started questioning the effects of White Claw overconsumption. The most popular question is, “Are White Claws addictive?” Find out more about if an alcohol rehab program could be suitable for you or a loved one at Texas Recovery Center. Reach out to our team at 844.230.5931.

What Are White Claw Hard Seltzers?

For those who don’t know, White Claws are an alcoholic seltzer drink that first found its way to supermarket shelves in 2016 with variety packs consisting of four simple flavors: black cherry, ruby grapefruit, natural lime, and raspberry. Following their near record-setting success, 24 additional flavors have been added. A significant contributor to their success comes from beverage marketing, which painted itself as the poster child of health, wellness, and convenience. This portrayal comes from the fact that the beverage comes in a skinny cylindrical can and only contains two grams of carbs, 100 calories, and five percent ABV (alcohol by volume). It’s also gluten-free. The appeal is easy to see. However, similar to how sugar-filled cereals present themselves as “part of a complete breakfast,” there is more going on here than what the marketing team would have you believe.

Are White Claws Addictive?

Are White Claws Addictive? Yes. But there are a few reasons for this. White Claws are alcohol, and alcohol is addictive. Alcohol is addictive because of its effects on the brain. Prolonged usage can quickly lead to the brain’s dependence on alcohol to produce the chemicals that facilitate emotional regulation. Other causes of alcoholism are:

  • Biological factors
  • Environmental factors
  • Social factors
  • Psychological factors

The less apparent reasons someone might develop an alcohol addiction from drinking White Claws are its public image and marketing strategy. Here, healthy doesn’t mean healthy. It means contextually healthy or healthy compared to other alcoholic beverages. The brand’s image aside, White Claws are still alcohol, and alcohol can be addictive regardless of how it’s consumed.

Why People Might Think White Claws Are Not Addictive

White claws are often compared to beer. If one is conscious of calorie and carb intake, White Claws are most likely to be the “healthier” option. But this mindset can be harmful. It is common to assume that something healthy comes with fewer risks. Applying this principle to alcohol and overconsumption is not only more likely, but it’s also more dangerous. The shape of the can also contribute to risks of overconsumption as its long and skinny shape can make it seem that someone has consumed less than they have. With these characteristics in mind, from its marketing to the mindset it inspires, one could argue that White Claws have the potential to be more addictive than other alcoholic beverages as the risks of alcoholism are overshadowed by its health-oriented image.

Finding Help for Addiction at Texas Recovery Center

It’s essential to understand that White Claws are no different than other alcoholic beverages. White Claws contain alcohol, and alcohol can be addictive. Confronting alcoholism is always a challenge. If alcohol has become an issue for you or someone you know, talking to a professional today could be beneficial. At Texas Recovery Center, we specialize in treating substance abuse and addiction issues. Our team is dedicated and trained in providing patients with the highest quality of care. For more information on alcoholism and addiction, contact us today at 844.230.5931.

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