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3 Ways to Host Your Sober Guests

sober host

When friends become sober, a question emerges: how to host a sober party. Upon first thought, it doesn’t seem like much of a problem. Take an event, subtract the mind-altering substances, and presto – a non-alcoholic solution served on a silver platter. But this doesn’t even come close to describing everything a sober party can be. Whether someone has just recently complicated an addiction treatment program or has enjoyed long-term sobriety, those who are sober like to party just as much as the rest of us. Being sober does not mean one doesn’t like dancing, singing, playing games, or participating in spirited conversation. In reality, a sober party can take many different shapes and forms. Whether someone is hosting a sober party, hosting sober guests, or is a sober host themselves, there are countless ways to craft an awesome party experience for all guests, sober and not sober.

3 Methods on How To Host a Sober Party

Like any party, event, or gathering, knowing the audience can do a great deal to increase the host’s chances of success. It is important to remember that sobriety can take various forms and be practiced at varying levels of severity. When acting as a sober host or throwing a party, focusing on the following areas can help provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.

  1. Entertainment: Sober or not, many people have attended parties where the mood isn’t there. This tends to stem from a lack of entertainment. Music has always been a mainstay marker of any good party, and the better the music, the more likely it is that your guests will feel inspired to dance and bust a move.
  2. Food: Throwing a sober event is an opportunity to surpass the standards of subpar party pizza and go all out on something fun. Again, it is good to know one’s audience to avoid dietary and allergy-related issues, but the sky is the limit when it comes to food. Take into account the area’s culinary culture and consider focusing on seasonality. In some instances, when everyone is pitching in and lending a helping hand, cooking can become a form of entertainment in and of itself.
  3. Beverages: Don’t offer sober guests alcohol, obviously, but do offer them a beverage. Broaden the options available on the beverage table to ensure that, even though sober guests can’t partake in alcohol, they can still enjoy a tasty drink just the same. Seltzer water is a miracle ingredient when creating mocktails as it draws out and makes simple ingredients stand out.

When considering how to host a sober party, sober celebration, or be a sober host, take the time to draw out a plan and work out what kind of event would be best for the guests attending. There’s no cap on creativity, and guests always tend to recognize and appreciate the effort.

How To Create an Inclusive Environment for Sober Guests

When throwing a sober celebration or an event that will see a mix of sober and not sober guests, keep the following in mind:

  • Make sober guests feel comfortable
  • Don’t hijack a guest’s sobriety as a topic of conversation
  • Don’t offer sober guests alcohol
  • Serve non-alcoholic beverages
  • Provide entertainment
  • Don’t make the whole night about drinking.

These guidelines certainly don’t cover everything that can be done to guarantee that sober guests have an awesome experience. Still, they are a good reference point to look back at to ensure that one is on the right track to being the best sober host possible.

Ensuring the Success Of a Sober Celebration

Creating an inclusive environment at an event where everyone is sober is not a difficult task. However, some feel a personal internal dilemma when throwing a party that consists of both sober and not sober guests. On the one hand, the last thing a good host would want to do is put their sober friends in a situation that would trigger stress and jeopardize their sobriety. On the other hand, not inviting a friend because of their sobriety is likely to damage the relationship and make the friend in question feel isolated, leaving their sobriety jeopardized all the same. When throwing an event with sober guests, take the time to craft a plan that ensures there is something for everyone to do and enjoy.

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