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10 Rare Or Unusual Addictions


While we all have habits that we can’t seem to shake off, some reach the level of addiction. From shopping sprees that empty bank accounts to strange urges for eating non-food items, these addictions are not only uncommon but also intriguing— and just as in need of help as other addictions. 

1.) Shopping

Shopping addiction, also known as oniomania, is a compulsive and chronic disorder. This addiction involves excessive spending of money or time on shopping activities to the point where it negatively affects an individual’s life.

For some people, shopping is a way to cope with stress or anxiety. The act of buying something new can provide temporary relief from negative emotions. However, this feeling of satisfaction is often short-lived and leads to more frequent and impulsive purchases.

2. Sex

Sex is one of the most common addictions outside of drugs and alcohol and yet it remains a taboo subject for many. For some, sex becomes an obsession that can lead to harmful behavior such as compulsive masturbation or engaging in risky sexual practices.

Those addicted to sex often experience intense cravings and feel unable to control their urges. They may find themselves spending hours browsing pornography websites or seeking out casual encounters with strangers.

3. Exercise

Exercise addiction is a relatively unknown and rare addiction, but it can be just as dangerous as any other. People with exercise addiction feel the need to work out constantly, even when their bodies are telling them to stop. They may cancel plans or skip meals in order to fit exercise into their schedules. This is sometimes called exercise anorexia. 

4. Sugar

Sugar addiction is a real thing, and it’s more common than you might think. While most of us enjoy the occasional sweet treat, some people take their love for sugar to the extreme.

Those who are addicted to sugar often experience intense cravings that can be difficult to resist. They may find themselves constantly reaching for sugary snacks and drinks throughout the day, even when they’re not hungry.

In addition to physical cravings, sugar addiction can also lead to emotional dependence. Individuals may use sweets as a form of comfort or reward, turning to them in times of stress or anxiety.

5. Stealing

People who suffer from kleptomania experience an uncontrollable impulse to steal items that they typically do not need or want. Unlike common belief, kleptomaniacs are not motivated by financial gain or personal use of the stolen objects, rather, they simply feel satisfied after completing the act of theft.

Kleptomania is often linked with other mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. It’s important to note that individuals struggling with this addiction may also face legal consequences if caught stealing.

Treatment for kleptomania includes therapy sessions focused on identifying triggers and developing coping mechanisms to overcome the compelled behaviors associated with stealing.

6. Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery, also known as plastic surgery, is a type of medical procedure that aims to improve one’s appearance. This can include procedures such as facelifts, nose jobs, breast augmentations or reductions, and liposuction.

People who are addicted to cosmetic surgery often have low self-esteem and body dysmorphia – a mental disorder where they perceive flaws in their bodies that do not exist. They might go through multiple surgeries without being satisfied with the results.

7. Hair Pulling

Hair pulling, also known as trichotillomania, is an unusual addiction that involves the urge to pull out one’s own hair. This condition is often associated with anxiety or tension and can result in significant hair loss.

The act of hair pulling can be both conscious and unconscious, making it a difficult habit to break. Those who suffer from this addiction may feel embarrassed or ashamed about their behavior.

Hair pulling can occur on any part of the body where there is hair. Some people may focus on specific areas such as the scalp or eyebrows while others may pull from multiple locations.

8. Eating Strange Substances

It may sound strange, but there are people who have an addiction to eating non-food items. This condition is known as pica and can be quite dangerous if not treated properly.

Some of the most common substances that people with pica eat include chalk, dirt, soap and even paper. Other unusual things they might consume include hair, rocks or even metal objects like coins.

9. Video Games

While playing video games can be an enjoyable pastime for many, some individuals have developed a severe addiction to them. Video game addiction is a relatively new phenomenon and has become more prevalent in recent years.

People who are addicted to video games often spend excessive amounts of time playing them, which can lead to negative consequences such as neglecting responsibilities, social isolation, and physical health problems.

Unfortunately, this type of addiction is not always taken seriously by others who see it as merely a hobby. However, it’s crucial for individuals struggling with video game addiction to seek help before their habit spirals out of control.

10. Social Media

Social media addiction is a relatively new addiction that has been growing rapidly in recent years. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become ubiquitous in our daily lives, providing easy access to an endless stream of information and entertainment.

Excessive use of social media can lead to negative consequences such as decreased productivity, poor sleep quality and even depression. It’s important to set boundaries for ourselves when using these platforms and make sure they don’t take over our lives completely.

Get Help For Addiction— At Texas Recovery Centers

Addiction is a serious issue that affects people from all walks of life. It can take many forms and manifest in ways that are both rare and unusual. While some addictions may seem harmless or even amusing at first, they can quickly spiral out of control and have devastating consequences.

If you think you may have an addiction, even if it’s rare or unusual we can help. Call us at (844) 230-5931 and we can discuss treatment options. 

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