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What to Do If Your Partner Relapsed

partners hugging and looking out windowRecovery from addiction is a life-long journey that can come with some obstacles and missteps along the way. If your partner was an addict, then you are likely all too familiar with this concept. Especially if you were there before they went to drug rehab and got sober, your relationship may have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at times as you rode these ups and down with them. Although you may have thought you were finally getting off this ride, your partner relapsed, and you are now thrown for a loop. Your next step could make all the difference for your partner and your relationship.

How to Handle A Spouse’s Relapse

Especially if this is the first time, you likely have no idea how to handle your partner’s relapse or where to go from here. While it may seem like the world is crashing in on you, we want to help. Follow these tips on how to handle a spouse’s relapse to help you both make it through.

Act Fast

Denial or brushing it off won’t help. While it may have been a one-time slipup, you should still take your partner’s relapse seriously. Ignoring the issue or wishing it away may make it worse. Without the right attention, your partner’s slipup could also spiral back to a full-blown addiction.

Don’t Play the Blame Game

Whether you are frustrated with your partner or blame yourself, now is also not the time to point fingers. Your spouse’s relapse may be a part of their recovery process. Instead of getting stressed out about who is to blame, stay calm. Your focus should be on the next steps.

Get Them Help

The most important thing to do when your husband or wife relapses is to get them help. If they start using again regularly, they should return to residential addiction treatment. If it was more of a one-time thing, continued care programs may be a better option. Do your research or call a treatment center like ours to find out what level of care is best for your partner.

Don’t Enable

One thing you do not want to do when your spouse relapses is start enabling them. It is important to be supportive of them during this difficult time, but you need to learn how to support them without enabling them. Put your foot down, set boundaries, and make sure you tell them your limits.

Get Yourself Help

While you may be so focused on your spouse’s relapse and helping them get back on track, do not forget about your own needs. Having an addict partner or watching a partner relapse can take a serious toll on your own mental health. Make time for self-care or go to therapy if you need it. It may also be beneficial for you and your partner to go to family addiction counseling together. While you may not know exactly what to do when your spouse relapses, it’s important that you do something. If your significant other, wife, or husband relapsed, we want to help. Contact us today to talk about your options. At Texas Recovery Center, we are here for you.

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